All In A Spin - Authorized Dealer for Columbine Spinning Wheels


Our first Columbine Spinning Wheel came to us in 2011, and we have been in love with them ever since. As well as supplying Columbine wheels and accessories to customers all over the country, we also offer the following services in the Central Iowa region:

* Spinning classes. In conjunction with Girl With A Sword Productions and Prairieland Herbs, we run public wheel spinning and drop spindling classes. If you have a group of three or more, we can come to you. We also teach private lessons. Ask about our rates.

* Spinning wheel rental. Just learned to spin and want to practice, but don’t have a wheel yet? We can rent one to you. Contact us for prices and conditions.

* Spinning wheel repairs and service. We can repair your Columbine in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with it.


Designed by an engineer, and engineered to last, the Columbine Spinning Wheel has been in production since 1971, offering spinners a quality product with many advantages over the more traditional patterns:
Simple - It is easy to operate, and well suited to novices and advanced spinners alike. The large treadle allows an effortless heel-and-toe action, giving positive control at all speeds.
Portable - Its metal construction means it is light, robust, and easy to carry. This makes it ideal for traveling to workshops, demonstrations, etc.
Durable - Unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity, the sturdy metal frame will never warp or twist out of shape.
Capacious - The large aluminum bobbins and wide flyer arms mean the machine can hold a super quantity of yarn.
Versatile - The large orifice and three-speed flyer pulley allow spinning of yarns of all weights from ultra fine to super bulky. The wheel can spin a large range of fibers, and can be operated with equal ease by right- and left-handed spinners.
Stylish - The Columbine’s design is simple and attractive, and it is available in a range of colors, and custom colors may also be possible. 
American - While many of its competitors are imported, the Columbine is made with pride in the United States.


* General - Castle-style spinning wheel in all-metal construction. Single treadle, double drive.
* Flyer - 5/8” inlet orifice. The flyer comes with slide-on guides that fit on either arm.
* Flyer Pulley - Aluminum construction. Three diameters yield flyer-to-bobbin ratios of 1.2, 1.7, and 2.2:1.
* Bobbin - Constructed from aluminum with nylon bearings. 7 1/2” long.
* Flywheel - 14” diameter cast aluminum, powder coated.
* Drive Type - Double drive with bobbin leader flyer
* Drive Ratios - Flywheel-to-flyer ratios are 4, 5, and 7:1. 
Flywheel-to-bobbin ratio is 8:1.
* Drive Belt - Endless, high-strength polyurethane drive band drives flyer and bobbin. Tensile strength 4,000 psi.
* Bearings - Seven low-friction nylon bearings
* Finish - Polyester powder coating. Available in six standard colors, with custom colors also available.
* Treadle Size - 8” x 15” - can be operated with either or both feet.
* Overall Dimensions - 31” high, 13” deep, 18” wide
* Weight - 13 lbs.

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